AMA Announcement: Scottish football commentator Derek Rae will be joining /r/soccer for an AMA on Tuesday, February 13th at 5pm UK time / 6pm CET / 12pm EST

Scottish commentator Derek Rae will be joining us on Tuesday, ahead of the Champions League games, for an AMA at 5pm UK time / 6pm CET / 12pm EST.

Derek has commentated for numerous televisions outlets throughout his career, including BT Sport's Scottish Premiership coverage, as well as calling games on American television for ESPN during the World Cup and EURO 2016, and more recently for NBC's Premier League coverage. He also has called numerous Bundesliga matches for international television. Outside of football, Derek has also hosted studio coverage of the Six Nations Rugby Championship for NBC, and commentated on NFL games for Amazon Prime.

You can follow Derek on Twitter here.

If you've never heard Derek's voice or need a reminder what he sounds like, here's a brief video of him calling a goal

So get your questions ready everyone!

Please note that this is NOT the AMA thread, that will be posted on Tuesday

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